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Scott Livesey Galleries
06 May 2022
News Article 1084

Sonia Payes

Transmutations 2022

Sonia Payes
Transmutations 2022
On view until 29 May 2022
"Assembly Point", 152 Sturt Street, Southbank, Victoria.

Humanity is no longer the same but in a state of metamorphosis, an evolution. Themes of the cycle of life and humanity's ambivalent relationship to our future environment fuse together in Payes’s recent works.

Payes transforms her daughter's facial likeness into 'a digital avatar' representing humanity as we undertake the process of reintegration and re-engagement with our planet. Payes’s images speak eloquently of our plight while offering hope for a re-imagined future.

Photography has been the bedrock of Payes’s practice since her debut show in 2003, in which she gracefully visualised the mutable relationship between the human body and its environment. Payes eagerly adopts different media – animated film, 3D imagery, lenticular prints and sculpture – to further elucidate the concerns underpinning her art: those of perpetual change, the reciprocity between all living beings, nature’s regenerative cycles, and a faith in humanity’s ability to adapt to environmental upheaval.

Scott Livesey Galleries
16 March 2022
News Article 1081

Luke Sciberras

Survey Exhibition

Luke Sciberras: Side of the Sky

Campbelltown Arts Centre (C-A-C) in partnership with Bathurst Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) presents a comprehensive survey exhibition of acclaimed artist, Luke Sciberras. Held concurrently across the two venues and covering 25 years of practice, Luke Sciberras: Side of the Sky will focus on Sciberras’ extensive travels, and highlight his connection to Wedderburn, Hill End and the Central West region. The exhibition will also foreground Sciberras’ lesser-known drawing and print practice.

Luke Sciberras draws inspiration from the immediate environment, working directly in the landscape, capturing elements, symbols, shapes and textures of places, usually over a series of visits. Upon return to his studio, he processes this raw material and, drawing on his memories and connections to local people, creates work that is as much about the process of painting as it is about the landscape where he began, and the place of the people within it.

Sciberras was born in Campbelltown and spent his formative years assisting artists in the Campbelltown artist-community of Wedderburn. From one artist-community to another, Sciberras has lived in historic Hill End since 2000, a town he first visited in 1997 as a National Art School student. C-A-C and BRAG both represent the artistic communities that are of central importance to Sciberras’ life and work.

On view:
Campbelltown Arts Centre: 4 June - 7 August 2022
Bathurst Regional Art Gallery: 11 June - 7 August 2022

Scott Livesey Galleries
16 March 2022
News Article 1077

Winner | Glover Prize 2022

Jennifer Riddle

Jennifer Riddle has been announced as the 2022 'Winner' of the Glover Prize with her work 'Wanderings of the Past and Now', measuring 186 x 186 cm.

"It's hard to look at Port Davey's pristine, remote landscape without feeling the enormity and impact of its presence. Particularly as we confront the realities of global warming and the ongoing threats to our most ancient landscapes. Its beauty's breathtaking, nostalgic of another time. Yet, it's a landscape of now. And the overwhelming emotions surrounding Covid-19 and the environment's future have compounded and intensified in this moment. Perhaps the 19th century Romantics foresaw where we would be today, as they celebrated nature's beauty in the face of the Industrial Revolution, pollution and plague. Similarly, as I find myself back here, between lockdowns and border closures, I can't help but feel akin to the Romantics before me, as I ardently honour the sublime. Here, I'm reminded of the Needwonnee Peoples deep reciprocal connection with land and sea as I explore these waterways and contemplate its past and future. There are moments of stillness, reflection, and an overwhelming sense of wonderment and profound empathy for this land. Painting this landscape feels familiar, but its sentiments feel more exposed, raw and primal. And my response is visceral, poignant and euphoric. Deeply I exhale, fuelled with immense hope for humanity's reconciliation with nature."

Celebrating the legacy of John Glover, The John Glover Art Prize (Glover Prize) has become one of Australia’s most significant awards for landscape painting, open to artists from anywhere in the world.  It is awarded annually by The John Glover Society Inc. for the work judged the best contemporary landscape painting of Tasmania. Landscape painting is defined in its broadest sense. The aim is to stimulate conversations about the meaning and possibilities expressed in the words landscape, painting and Tasmania. The Glover Prize is acquisitive, selected from around 40 works chosen by a panel of eminent judges.

On view | 12 - 20 March 2022 | Falls Park Pavilion, Evandale, Tasmania

Scott Livesey Galleries
13 March 2022
News Article 1080

Paul White

John Villiers Trust Outback Art Prize

Awarded the John Villiers Trust Outback Prize with his work 'Lake Menindee, Running on Empty', measuring 60 x 80 cm.

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