Max de Winter

01/08/2015 - 15/08/2015

Marnie Haddad

Marnie Haddad
Max de Winter - Untitled I


Digital Type C Print on Lustre Photographic Paper

Edition of 5

125 x 187 cm, Ed of 5., $4,400 // 91 x 136 cm, Ed of 5., $2,800 // 81 x 53 cm, Ed. 5., $1,400

Max de Winter

Haddad’s new exhibition ‘Max de Winter’ reflects the Melbourne based photographer’s deep love for classic film; its romantic undercurrents and cinematic staging – in particular Hitchcock’s Rebecca.

Haddad feels the vastness of the interiors is both mystical and full of intrigue. “It is exactly that – I feel that I am striving to capture”, says Haddad of her haunting portraits.

A talented drawer and graphic design graduate from Los Angeles’ famous UCLA, went on to complete a diploma of illustrative photography at Photography Studies College, learning and understanding the physics of light. Her career then led to working with designers, fashion magazines and portraiture. “I became obsessed with the technical aspect of colour and light and from there I could explore the effects I wanted to achieve.” Careful composition, a constant light-source and use of grain, she uses a handheld camera and no re-touching creating a more real and cinematic vision.

'Max de Winter' will be on view 1 - 15 August 2015

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